Giant Blob FAQ’s

First Day of the Giant Blob

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is it?

The blob tower is built on the dam just past the spillway as you are heading to the island.  The steepness of the bank allows for maximum depth at the base of the tower and once the blob is in place it will launch the blobbers into the deepest part of the lake.

How high is it?

Our jumping platform is 15ft. from the surface of the water.  It is roughly a 10ft. drop onto the blob.  It seems much higher once you get up there.

How high will I fly?

It all depends on the weight difference between you and the person blobbing you.  Blobbers of about the same weight should expect to fly roughly 5-6 feet into the air.  The maximum weight differential allowable is 60 pounds. This means that a 100 pound participant could not be bounced by another participant who weighed over 160 pounds; that same principle applying to all other weights.

Is it safe?

While all activities hold some risk, the Blob is run in accordance with the same high standards that define all of our waterfront activities.  All participants must wear a properly fitted and secured life jacket at all times, and in addition:

One trained Staffer shall always be stationed at the front edge of the platform and shall perform the following functions:

  • Maintain order on the platform deck and assure that only one guest jumps on The-Blob at a time. Furthermore, see that no pushing or shoving takes place that might result in a fall from the platform.
  • Make sure that jumpers are instructed to only land on their rear end, NOT their feet.
  • Instruct and allow the guests on The-Blob awaiting to be bounced to gain position and get set before allowing the next jumper to leap.
  • Maintain visual contact on those guests jumping on The-Blob and those who are bounced or fall into the water so as to be sure they quickly return to the shore.   Alert the Lifeguard with a whistle-blast to any issues that occur.
  • Allow swimmers who have been bounced or fallen into the water to swim clear of The-Blob before the next guest is allowed to jump.
  • Require all participants to swim directly to the ladder and exit the water. Never allow guests to play in the water’s edge.
  • Make a quick visual check of each jumper’s life jacket to see that it is properly fitted and secured.
  • Monitor the number of people on the platform deck as well as their behavior.

One Waterfront Certified Lifeguard shall always be stationed in the water on a Rescue Board to assist or retrieve a participant that is in trouble.

How old do I have to be?

Giant Blob participants must be 12 years old and up.  We’ve found that younger children don’t do well jumping from the platform and landing properly on the Blob.  In order to participate you must be willing to jump from the tower to the blob (and land properly on your rear end or back) before you will be allowed to be blobbed.  This will ensure that only participants comfortable with a 10ft drop engage in this activity.  In addition, all participants should have a high comfort level with deep water.  Even with a properly fitted lifejacket anyone landing in the water will be dunked under the surface for a second or two and will also be required to swim back to the shore.  Guests uncomfortable swimming in deep water with a lifejacket should not participate in this activity.

As a camper will I be required to try the Giant Blob?

Of course not!  As with all Bethel activities (like the Zip-Line and Ropes Course) the Giant Blob is a “challenge by choice” activity, meaning that only those who desire to participate will do so.

As a camper parent I’m very jealous, how can I get a chance to try out the Giant Blob?

Aside from pretending to be a camper (you’ll never pull it off, just accept it) you can talk to your church’s leaders about scheduling a Fall or Spring retreat at Bethel (or even a Sunday Church Picnic).  You can direct them to our Retreats Page then when your group comes out here you can Blob till your heart’s content.

Anything else I should know?

We are very excited to be able to offer this activity to our campers and our guests.  We think that the addition of a giant blob to our waterfront will make a stay at Bethel even more exciting!

We love hearing from you.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.